The Science

As aerobic bacteria oxidize waste and consume oxygen, the Vacuum Bubble® Technology Aerator makes additional oxygen readily available by producing very large populations of micro Vacuum Bubbles®.

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The Advanced Aeration Group, LLC sells these revolutionary aerators which have a number of different applications where they effectively and efficiently reduce organic waste accumulation, eliminate odors, and produce clear, clean water.

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Markets & Applications

The Advanced Aeration Group (AA) operates in certain targeted markets throughout the world. The measure of its success lies in the ever-growing network of Licensed Technology Providers (LTP) in these markets. See Business Opportunities.

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The Advanced Aeration Group’s (AA’s) innovative Vacuum Bubble® Technology revolutionizes the use of aerobic waste management systems in commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial applications throughout the world. 

The Advanced Aeration Group’s proprietary technology addresses both the problems of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment by improving the performance of aerobic bacteria to consume organic wastes.