The Vacuum Bubble®Technology Aerator 101 is sized for on-site wastewater treatment, small commercial applications, and pretreatment of industrial wastewater. Several configuration options give flexibility to meet differing requirements. Available options, which may be ordered, include an all-weather housing, self-monitoring electronic controller, and a basic GFI controller.

Cubic Feet/Minute(Air).22
Cubic Feet/Day (Air)314
Lb. O2/Day 5.49*
Lb. O2/Hp/Hour4.2*
Approximate Flow(Gal/Day) @ 300 PPM BOD51,000

* at 100% Oxygen

Motor Bluffton 1/15 Hp
Voltage 115v (1 Phase)
Full Load Amps 1.0
RPM 3250/2750
Hz 60/50
SF 1

A: Motor Body Diameter 4.25″
B: Motor Height 6.5″
C: Adapter Plate (Dia.) 5.50″
D: Air Tube Length 20.00″
E: Air Tube Diameter 2 3/8″
F: Min Water Line 6.00″
G: Max Water Line 14.00″